AD Interieurs 2015

Palais d'Iéna, Paris

The Connected Office

OITOEMPONTO’s founders, Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec point out that "nowadays, people are used to work from their homes. Therefore, we had to adapt offices into private interiors. Not only worktop or computer table, but real living spaces, where clients can hold their appointments". Based on these observations, both designers imagined the office of a woman trader whose eyes are perpetually fixed on the flow of the stock exchange. They dedicated to her a desk in the finest of woods, concealing video screens in surface mirrors. This unique piece emanates a retro-futurist luxury highlighted by, the Paco Rabanne 70s armchairs facing the desk, the 1950s Atom console on the side of the room or a painting by Robert Rauschenberg on the wall. The atmosphere is cosy, the technology knows how to make itself discrete: the leather sheathed slat blinds fold depending on the luminosity outside. Note that this hybrid office is also a powder-room table, one of the drawers is dedicated to make-up and the screens, once turned-off, become mirrors. Long live the woman trader of the XXIst century!