AD Interieurs 2017

Monnaie de Paris

"Le Boudoir en Panoramique"

Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec present “Le Boudoir en Panoramique” inspired by Mata Hari. Frivolous, glamour, vintage and devastating chic interweave in a flamboyant setting. “NAMBAN” handmade wallpaper, realized in the collaboration of De Gournay, each artwork is unique. Offering a Japanese art deco-style’s panoramic with golden glimmers, the wallpaper and the extraordinary Tai Ping’s carpet make up the master’s pieces of the set. On the ground, the black and dense material made of Lurex, tencel and piece of silk, intertwines a gold thread hair. The density and the intensity of the material are unique, each piece carefully takes shape. All the sophisticated furniture, from the Ettore Sottsass’ table to the Patrice Dangel’s chandelier, the OITOEMPONTO’s creations to the Paul Haustein and Roger Capron’s vases make up, between others, a mystical journey. In a fatal production, the masculine spy Mata Hari’s spirit hypnotizes.