Oitoemponto – Architecture & Interieurs

Éditions de La Martinière


Author: Marie Vendittelli
Photography: Francisco Almeida Dias

Language: French

31,4 X 24,6 cm

320 Pages


The book brings together some of the most renowned architectural and interior designs of Artur Miranda e Jacques Bec, mentors of OITOEMPONTO.

This book exposed 320 pages of deep luxury and refinement, with a foreword by Hervé Van Der Straeten, represents a mathematization of OITOEMPONTO’s universe, explored through 8 raw materials: Stone, Metal, Concrete, Wood, Paper, Glass, Lacquer and Fibre.

Through texts penned by Marie Vendittelli, each chapter offers a detailed explanation of the rationale behind the choice of such a noble and versatile material. The book is embellished throughout by the strikingly impressive photographs of the Portuguese photographer, Francisco Almeida Dias.

Harmoniously blending the different creative currents that flow through the personas of Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec, OITOEMPONTO composes spaces that are fully complete and luxuriously personal. Such privilege owes much to a genuine understanding of the proponents of ambiance: color, texture, quality, art, and design. An unblemished gift to offer to fans of contemporary lifestyle.

Portuguese Contemporary Wine Arquitecture

Edition Uzina Books


Author: José Manuel das Neves

Language: English and Portuguese

23,8 x 28,7 x 27 cm

336 Pages


Portuguese Contemporary Wine is a book of special architecture whose aim is to promote the Architecture and the Art of Living of the Portuguese.
With 336 pages Portuguese Contemporary Wine is a reference edition and all texts, drawings and photographs published contribute to the understanding of the most interesting 39 contemporary wineries and some other buildings related to the world of wine and vineyards. OITOEMPONTO contributes one of his projects – Quinta do Pessegueiro winery in the Douro – Porto, which combines the latest technology with an ancestral savoir-faire.